Graphics Designing: How It Can Help Your Company

Today, there is a very high demand for graphic designers who are experts in the field of graphics designing. This is because there are many businesses that are getting their website made to be able to get worldwide recognition. And to be able to design a website, knowledge and application of designing is very much needed. A great example of a small business website can be found here.

Graphic designs can mean very different things for each person but if presented correctly, you and your readers will be on the same page. And if you are website owner, one of your goals it to be able to bring visitor traffic in your website and this will be possible if you are able to make your website appealing to them. Visual art is always memorable and most often, it is what is remembered by your visitors. With good web design in your site, it will help build your brand for all the visitors that will come your way.

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Three Most Powerful Logo Design Tips

Logo design is one of the most significant tools for the growth of an organization or brand. There has been much said about the importance of a logo that has created loads of awareness in the business world. One may find hundreds of articles over it but defining the correct path that would lead to a sound and the best logo is a crucial decision.Collection of logo designs

There are certain extremely importance things that are almost mandatory to be a part of logo design. Without all these things, a logo can’t be termed as the best and the growth process of your business will slow down as it would become difficult for your business to establish its identity in the industry. Suppose you have a good budget to spend on the designing process but the end result isn’t able to portray a professional image of your business in the industry then? All your efforts, time and money will be in vain. These tips will help you avoid such a worst situation.

Simple or Complex

Many organizations have a very simple logo design that just only carries the name of the organization while others also include certain images or illustration into it. Both kinds of logos are found in the market. One must draw a line somewhere so that filling in design with colors and images doesn’t make it difficult to be understood by the target audience. One must avoid its logo from being complex as it will make it ambiguous. This doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t be using different colors or images in the logo but just to an optimum level.

Long lasting Impression

Your target audience must be captivated by you logo design in just a glance. Colors are an important source of making it appealing and enticing. It must be able to make a long lasting impression in your customer’s mind. Now, what is that one thing that can help you in this regard? Glenn Hadsall is a seriously gifted designer at Bottle Rocket who will make your design to carry a long lasting impression. Our memory is able to store things that are different. Similarly if your logo design is unique then it will be able to mark its position in the memory of its viewer. This will help your target customers to relate to your products in a much better way.

Align With Nature of Business

Adding colors and images that can give your logo an appealing look is an essential endeavor but the criterion shouldn’t only to choose colors that can make the logo design attractive but it is also mandatory that these colors compliment the nature of your business and the other features in the logo design. You have to remember your logo design has to establish the identity of your organization or brand in the industry therefore it must portray an enviable image of your business in front of your target market. You should keep the nature of your products and the target audience in mind while choosing the colors and images of your logo design.

What’s the Best Font for Website Readability?

Fonts vary considerably in their readability. How readable a font is depends on a number of different factors, so there isn’t a single answer to the question of what’s the best font for website readability but there are certainly a number of things you should consider.

Serif fonts work well for smaller font sizes

A serif font is one where the ends of the lines have another, small, line to delineate the end.

They were designed for the printing world to help people make sense of the words on the page and the same is true for web pages, regardless of what your graphic designer might try to tell you.

Sans-serif fonts work best for headlines

Sans serif fonts work very well for headlines. The bigger font size means that our eyes don’t need the extra help to read the handful of words in the headline that a serif typeface would give.

You can see this demonstrated in most popular newspapers and magazines if you take a few minutes to examine that side of things in more detail than you normally would.

Make sure they’re likely to be available

There are very few fonts that are installed on every single computer.

Maybe Times and Arial but not many others.

So your website styling needs to take account of the potential variation in ready availability of fonts – your techie should do this as a matter of course, offering them up in the CSS file in descending order of preference and ending with a simple “serif” or “sans serif” as an “if all else fails” option. One site that really has fantastic css is WWW.THIEVESOILSECRET.COM, the menu on the sidebar and the top bar scrolling are both perfect examples.

Developments in the web mean that you can embed fonts in web pages and the browser will handle downloading the extra font, just for your website. But that adds extra overhead to your site and shouldn’t be used too often, if at all.

Colour affects readability

A light colour font on a light background won’t be easy to read. Nor will a dark font on a dark background.

Less easy to determine are things like colour clashes – red on green is well known, other clashes less so.

And even more difficult to test is the variation in the colours seen on an modern screen just by changing the viewing angle.

The easiest way to see this is to check the sponsored results on Google. At the most precise viewing angle, they’re on a coloured background. But anywhere else, the colour is as close to white as they can get away with.

Give preference to fonts designed for the screen

A number of years ago, Microsoft spent a lot of time and money designing fonts specifically for viewing on screen.

Fonts such as Georgia, Verdana and Tahoma have been developed for better readability on computer screens.

Mobile devices and tablets have smaller screens and therefore different considerations again.

So your CSS files need to handle this gracefully whilst staying within your overall design strategy.

Otherwise you run the risk of your website looking pretty but being close to unreadable.